I have written the 'Say It Out Loud' workshop for women to:

  • Unstick your own unique creative journey.
  • Say your intentions out loud. Declare them with boldness and power (even if you feel afraid).
  • Get out of your own way.
  • Find the confidence to kickstart an idea /project/dream.
  • Pick a goal – personal or professional that needs action.
  • Find the tools and self-belief to get going.
  • Understand the cycles of the moon and how you can harness the natural ebb and flow of your body to maximise your creative flow and productivity.

Come join me to dream the big dreams, zone in on the details and Say It Out Loud!


‘It was just what I needed to consolidate my thinking and create a tangible action plan at just the right time in my life, so I would heartily recommend it to anyone else at a similar crossroads in their life.SIOL gave me the inspirational kick-up-the-butt I needed to create a clear vision of where I want to be, along with an achievable action plan to get me there.’

‘I’ve said this before – but I honestly think this workshop has served me better than any therapy that I’ve had (and I’ve had a lot!!!!). I know that I’ve still got a long way to go but somehow, it doesn’t feel half as scary now.’

‘Inspiring, life-giving, magical’

‘I am actually feeling EXCITED and STRONG and although I have made big changes of direction and life choices before, I actually feel quite CALM this time, which is what the workshop has given me.’

Hi, I’m Java Bere

I am a writer, illustrator, table stylist, workshop leader and podcaster!

Through navigating motherhood and a change in my creative direction, I have found my passion in helping women tell their stories, whether it be through my podcast or my workshops.

In the workshop 'Say It Out Loud', I have assembled my techniques and methods for asking the deep soul questions, clarifying your vision, and devising a work plan that is sustainable through cyclical living.

Come join me and Say It Out Loud.

Dream the big dreams, take the next step.